imageMobile LPR from Vigilant

An advanced solution designed from the officer’s perspective.   Large buttons, visual system status indicators, day and night mode to eliminate brightness.  The most user-friendly interface available on the market.

Fixed cameras

For strategic monitoring and high-volume gathering.

imageSolutions for Repossession and Recovery agents:

Capitol now provides a Hosted server Solution for Repossession and Recovery agents, supported by Vigilant Solutions LPR cameras. All LPR data is maintained in a security controlled highly available data center. All LPR data collected is owned and controlled by the Repo or Recovery agent, and is not shared with anyone else, creating flexibility and value for the owner.

Improved analytics with predictive analysis. Want to know where someone is likely to be?

New intuitive user interface, reducing startup time and simplified operation.

Unlimited number of plates, can be batched to scan, and posted to your database (annual fee varies based on number of scans/records).

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