Cadex specializes in the design and manufacture of battery chargers, analyzers, rapid-test and monitoring systems. Our products are known for their robust design, reliable service and long life.

R.F. Communication Equipment: In-Building Systems, Inter-modulation Control, Cavity Resonators, Duplexers, Combiners, Multi-Couplers/Components and Filters.

Customizable durable and ergonomic public safety workstation furniture solutions to meet individual customer needs and budget.


100% Lightning PREVENTION. Protecting large outdoor areas for less than .03₵ a square foot.

Innovative antenna solutions for DAS, LTE, WLAN, Navigation, Public Safety and more!

Surge and lightining protection products. These unique surge protection devices address applications throughout the entire useful RF frequency range from DC with capability up to and including 6 GHz.

An American Manufacturer for almost 70 years, BK Technologies has produced high specification equipment of unsurpassed reliability and value for use by public safety, government agencies, commercial and industrial applications.

The most secure camera on the market. Easy to use. Built-in WiFi providing live stream video and audio while simultaneously storing evidentiary quality recording. Mission Critical Quality!