Clarity-Pearl In-Building Public Safety Antenna

Public Safety In-Building, 380-570; 698-960 MHz, Repeater / Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) Systems, Hospitals, Schools, Shopping Malls, Government and Multi-tenant buildings, Covers UHF and 700/800/900 public safety bands, T-Band, Tetra

Larsen Clear DAS Antenna

Ultra-Thin, Translucent (Clear), Industry leading -155 dBc at 2 x 20 watts (2 x 43dBm) PIM rating, Covers cellular bands and WiFi from 608 through 2700 MHz, RoHS Compliant, Patent Pending design, Ultra-Thin structure of products allow installation in to shallow areas, Clear (Translucent) structure of antenna make this product to be near-invisible, In-building DAS systems requiring best PIM performance

L155 – PIMinator™ Series Low PIM In-building Omni Antenna with Pigtail

Industry leading -155 dBc certified low Passive Inter- Modulation (PIM) Distributed Antenna System (DAS) In-Building ceiling mount omni antennas. The Pulse Electronics line of DAS in-building low PIM omni antennas meets the most demanding PIM requirements for 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands.

L154 – LTE Multiband / Active GPS Roof Mount Antenna

This body mount antenna operates from 698 thru 5875 MHz, including LTE. The antenna is ideal for voice, mobile data, Public Safety, WLAN and asset tracking applications. The rugged, yet aesthetically
pleasing design provides UV and IP-65 protection to ensure a long, reliable, maintenance-free life.

L134 –  LTE Multi Band External Vehicle or Enclosure Mounted Antenna

The SLPT (Shadow Low Profile Transit) product line for Public Safety, WLAN, LTE and 3G/4G applications. SLPT antennas were designed to
perform over the high-percentage bandwidth applications prevalent in the market today. As a new product line, these antennas were created
specifically to serve emerging applications such as 700 MHz Public Safety, LTE, Smart Grid and WLAN.

L125 - Roof Mount NMOHFGPS

With the new NMOHFGPS series, Pulse/Larsen has combined the high performance of a GPS antenna with the flexibility of adding an NMO high frequency mount on the top for easy combination with virtually any Pulse/Larsen NMO mount antenna from 27 MHz to 6.0 GHz.