Emergency Advisory Radio

These fixed radio stations cover a community with critical information during disasters, power and communication outages. Network/USB message control. ALERT AM model has automatic NOAA 'All-Hazard' interruptions, telco redundancy and optional battery backup, multi-station synch and many other options. Used in combination with Flashing ALERT Signs.

Portable Emergency Advisory Radio Station

This compact, hand-portable information station called RadioSTAT can roll to an incident by land, sea or air. Housed in an easy-to-transport, high-impact, weather-resistant case, it can operate from a fixed location when not required in the field and has the same range as a fixed station. Controlled via flash drive or network. Optional portable power supply. Used in combination with portable signaem!

Flashing Alert Sign

Wireless-controlled, solar-powered beacon signs may be triggered remotely to advise motorists to tune to a special radio signal for information or to take a specific action in any public safety situation.

VoiceStar Portable Advisory Radio Station

VoiceStar consists of an information station plus changeable message sign on a towable trailer. This unique tool combines visual and aural messages to keep citizens safe. Powered by solar and controlled by wireless, VoiceStar stores hundreds of radio and visual messages for instant use. (Available with or without sign.)


This portable sign has no equal in flexibility, size and setup speed. It is capable of going places where conventional trailer-mounted changeable message signs never could and can function indoors, outdoors, off-road and in the tightest of spaces and on the tightest of budgets. Transport it in the back of a car or SUV; it is light enough to be set up by one person in minutes..

EventCAST Portable Information Radio Service

Designed for event broadcasting, signal testing and other temporary applications, EventCAST is a complete, licensed radio system with a full 3-5 mile range. Most often used to deliver parking and directional info, event schedules and safety instructions. Its weather-resistant design with quick-erect antenna system allows for DIY quick setup on the ground or flat roof.

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