Bi-Directional Amplifier - 400-470 MHz 60dB

Emergency situations require that first responders have adequate communications inside buildings. EMR Corporation provides VHF and UHF bi-directional amplifiers that can be the backbone of an effective distributed antenna system (DAS). The 850622 is a 60dB gain UHF repeater with 31dB of composite output power.

Repeater - 806-866 MHz 60dB SMR Repeater

The EMR 860642/C bi-directional amplifier provides +60 dB gain in amplification and filtering of uplink and downlink systems within the 800 MHz band. This in-building repeater operates within the non-rebanded SMR and Nextel frequency ranges 806 - 821 MHz and 851 - 866 MHz to amplify signals in buildings, tunnels, or other areas that don't receive adequate RF signal coverage. The BDA composite output is 37 dBm. Connector type is N female.

Duplexer 440-470MHz Pass Notch Duplexer, 3-10MHz Spacing, NF

EMR 440-470 MHz 4 cavity Pass Notch duplexer. 3 to 10 MHz spacing. 0.8-1.5dB insert loss, 150 watt, N/F conn.

Multicoupler - 138-225MHz, 8 Channel

EMR 138-225 MHz 8 channel receiver multi-coupler 5 resonators, 115VAC power supply chassis mount tray, 19" rack, wiring, hardware, cabling. Factory tune.

Combiner- 300-650MHz 4 Channel Combiner

EMR 300-650 MHz 4 channel combiner. 125watt, hybrid ferrite Transmit combinr 7.0dB insertion loss, dual isolators. Factory tune.