EMP™ Lightning Suppression

With all the advances in science, construction, and medicine, lightning protection has stayed nearly the same…Until Now. The EMP™ Lightning Suppressor, uses the science of deionization combined with practice of grounding to PREVENT LIGHTNING before it strikes – exceeding protection levels of any other product on the market.

The newest and most advanced form of lightning protection offering 100% lightning PREVENTION rather than a warning or the standard ‘attract and ground’ system. The EMP Lighting Suppressor is a non-polarized aluminum capacitor with an insulator separating the two semi-circular plates and is the only device proven to stop lightning from striking in lab and field tests.

The EMP Lighting Suppressor is 100% effective (no recorded strikes on protected structures!). It has a Lifetime Warranty and a $500,000 No-Strike Guarantee.

Click here to learn how Hancock County 911 Center (Indiana) is protecting their facility from lightning strikes with EMP solutions, DDCE.


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