EM-M22001 LMR Poly Pro

Flexible Impact Resistant Multi-Band Antenna for LMR NMO Applications
Patent Pending, Capacitive Coupled Design Efficiently Optimizes UHF and 700/800 MHz Signal Performance with Low-Profile Form

  • XenoyTM Radome and Housing Flexible Elastomeric Polymer Spring Resists High Speed Cold Impact Damage
  • Dust and O-ring Seals for Reliable High Pressure Car Wash and Water Ingress Resistance
  • Rugged “All Brass” Construction, Black Chrome Finish
  • Multi-Band Performance for Simultaneous LMR Public Safety UHF/700-800 MHz Operation


Optimal in-band performance with precision 50 ohm impedance and low insertion loss.

  • Expandable from Dual Band to full Tri-Band coverage for ALL LMR/Public Safety Bands, VHF through 870 MHz.
  • Scalable to meet system performance requirements.
  • Upgrades/ Interchangeability –
  • Accommodates user/installer preference for 1⁄4 wave, 1⁄2 wave, Dual Element Collinear and GPI antennas without compromising required system gain.
  • Model EM-MG11006-SP NMO/GPS Combination Mount included for VHF/GPS band antenna installation

EM-MX Series "X"-Nut™ Antennas 108-960 MHz

The X-Nut series is designed specifically for applications where traditional Chrome Nut Quarter-wave antennas are deployed. The whip is constructed of 300 series stainless steel featuring highly conductive black chrome plating offering a quality finish and durability. Dual Shot Xenoy™/TPV injection molded base, with dual seal tenants for weatherproofing maximize dust and water ingress. The X-Nut series delivers up to 10% more operational bandwidth than most other competing low-end Chrome Nut products.”

e/m-Flex EMFLX-M10007

Poly Spring UHF 5dB Gain Roof Mount Antenna 420-470 MHz


  • NMO Mount, Black Chrome Finish
  • One-piece 17-7 SS Open Coil Whip for Reliability & Performance
  • Flexible Black Polymer Alloy Spring
  • Durable XenoyTM Base w/ TPV over mold Dust Seal and Grip Ring
  • O-ring Seals for Waterproof Construction

IWCE 2014 Antenna Package Promotion

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