C7400 Battery Analyzer
(80 Watts)

With four-stations and 80 watts of charge power, the Cadex C7400 is most economical in terms of cost per station. The extra stations increase throughput and add flexibility in accommodating batteries that require immediate service.

  • Battery voltage range 1.2 to 15V
  • Charge/discharge current up to 4A per station
  • Maximum charge power 55 watts per station
  • Maximum discharge power 35 watts

C7400ER Battery Analyzer (170 Watts)

The Cadex C7400ER is the most powerful of the C7000 Series battery analyzers. Six amps per station, service of 36 volt batteries and 170 watts of continuous power satisfies most service requirements.

  • Battery voltage range 1.2 to 36V (Li-ion)
  • Charge/discharge current up to 6A per station
  • Maximum charge power 75 watts per station
  • Maximum discharge power 75 watts

C8000 Battery Testing System

The C8000 is a multi-purpose tool that allows you to optimize batteries at every stage of product life.

You can capture load signatures of power tools and laptops and then perform simulated battery runtime by replying the stored data. Add a thermal chamber, external load bank and other accessories, and the Cadex C8000 stands in a class by itself at an affordable price.

Device Simulation helps you choose the right battery Life Cycle Testing helps you characterize the battery Custom Programming helps you monitor quality and performance Service Programs help you maintain the battery

C5100 POS Battery Analyzer

Batteries are blamed for most cell phone problems. To satisfy the customer, batteries are replaced, often to have the fault recur. The Cadex C5100 battery analyzer assists by allowing to check the battery at storefront with a 30-second test. 

Testing mobile phone batteries has never been so easy. Deploying the C5100 in your store will:

  • Improve customer care
  • Increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Protect the environment by discarding fewer batteries

Battery Maintenance Systems

Whether you are managing a fleet of radios or warehouse scanners, or ensuring that your medical equipment is always ready, a complete battery maintenance system is critical to your success. A complete battery maintenance system allows you to:

  • Prime batteries prior to use
  • Test batteries to ensure they will perform when needed
  • Track batteries to optimize their use in your fleet and replace them only when necessary
  • Label batteries to allow users to know that they are using a good battery.

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