On March 6th, at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas, FREEDOM will once again introduce a host of new options and features for its industry-leading line of communications systems analyzers:  The R8100 and R8000.

In addition, we will for the first time demonstrate fully operational R9000 6GHz LTE-Ready Test Set.  The revolutionary R9000 is the first LMR test instrument scalable to service FirstNet/LTE along with the entire range of current LMR protocols.

The R9000 truly transforms the world of communications service.  No longer will technicians need to carry both an LMR service monitor and a VNA to sites:  The R9000 will do it all!

The R9000 6GHz LTE-Ready Communications System Analyzer

The New World of Communications Test Equipment

FREEDOM will also introduce several important new options for its flagship line of communications analyzers. We will demonstrate AutoTune for Hytera DMR and BK Technologies KNG S radios, our new DMR "live" repeater option, a full suite of TETRA test options and our recently-introduced Process Automation Toolkit ("PAT").

The Hytera AutoTune option is the latest extension of our widely-implemented AutoTune automated test and alignment portfolio. The option works with both legacy Hytera products and its newly-announced "I-Series." AutoTune for KNG S radios is a new offering for this important radio family used by state, local and federal government agencies nationwide.

The DMR live repeater feature allows technicians to service DMR repeaters, taking all needed measurements without the need to put repeaters in Test Mode.

We will also demonstrate our complete suite of TETRA test options:

Finally, we will also show our revolutionary Process Automation Toolkit (PAT). PAT transforms radio service and brings automated testing within the reach of every technician. If you can do it with our analyzer, you can automate it with PAT! Every mode, function, meter and protocol - including DMR, P25, NXDN, etc. - can be automated with a few mouse clicks.


Freedom Communication Technologies is pleased to announce the new revolutionary R8000C communications system analyzer. The R8000C delivers a previously unimaginable result: a truly portable instrument with more functions than yesterday’s bench top analyzers. And it now offers significantly improved spectral purity, surpassing that of comparably priced and even much more expensive radio test sets.

The R8000’s 14 pound weight gives technicians power and flexibility never before attainable - or currently attainable with any other instrument. This, combined with the unit’s feature-packed spectrum analyzer and bright 8.4” color LCD, makes it ideal for taking to sites for infrastructure maintenance and interference measurement.

Firmware upgrades are available free via web download for the life of the unit, and new capabilities are being constantly added - so your R8000C actually becomes more powerful over time! Software and protocol options can also be added directly from the front panel in less than 30 seconds; so it is clear that the R8000C is the most flexible, robust future-proofed radio test set the industry has ever seen. The R8000C will change the way you perform radio service forever.


Freedom Communication Technologies is pleased to announce the revolutionary R8100 communications system analyzer. The R8100 has the same industry-leading spectral purity and test capabilities as the R8000, PLUS several new premium features:

The R8000 and R8100 are software defined units and are equally suited for the field or bench us. Accessories included with every unit: Antenna, Microphone, Oscilloscope Probe and Power Cord.

To see a product demo of the R8100 Service Monitor click here.